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About us

Our Mission

We do believe in the excellence of small local businesses. We are firmly convinced that the professionalism, the courtesy and the smile that retailers offer their customer are way more important that any discount one could find in a large distribution chain.

In the future we imagine, local stores have finally found an ally that is capable to provide them with a tool that fits their needs, one that, in our more and more digital world, can make them free to work in serenity and ease, thanks to a better and more profitable relationship with their customers.

Our goal as myPushop is to give each and every one of you the large companies’ tools, in order to improve the way you work. We want to make your experience with customers and you business management simpler and more efficient.

Our team

Giorgio Pagliara

Founding Partner

Fausto Pagliara

Founding Partner

Daniele Rizzo

Founding Partner

Salvatore Ambrosino

Founding Partner

Luca Mantice

Sales Director

Davide Tarozzi

Recruiting & Training Director

Enea Lionello

Market Development Officer

rancesca Mastrorosa

Administrative Officer

Davide Candita

Apple Chief Developer

Domenico Urso

Android Chief Developer

Francesca Zorzi

Web Chief Developer

Katia Lanzillotti

Customer Care Manager

Andrea Zanotti

Marketing & Communication Manager

Daniele Malerba

Graphic & UI Design Manager

… and all the other colleagues that dedicate themselves to this project every day, with all their passion.

Designed by experts

myPushop is a project from Reddoak, a leader software house in Italy specialised in mobile application development. Some of their products are the best in their market sector by download number and customer satisfaction:


6.000.000+ download

Quiz Patente +

3.000.000+ download

Mister Lavaggio

awarded during the Web Marketing Festival 2016

Reddoak applications have been recognised as the feather in the cap of Italian technology. The goal that enlivened myPushop project was the desire to put this very technology at the service of local businesses and professionals.