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Erboristeria Arcobaleno

Find out how Erboristeria Arcobaleno uses myPushop for his business


Manuela Mancuso, owner:

Having a lot of customers on my own, I was searching for a simple, yet characteristic tool to manage them. myPushop was exactly what I needed: now I have my own, personal app that I use whenever I want to promote my products and new items in the stock – and also to engage my customers in many different ways

Manuela Mancuso, owner

Erboristeria Arcobaleno's app


Push messages

They are really important to a shop like mine, since they make my products and new arrivals always available for my customers: I do my best to provide them with useful, interesting contents that can attract them. This way, they are always informed and they can purchase directly by application if they want to!

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The best advantage in having a virtual showcase lies in the fact that it perfectly matches the messages feature. Customers read them and then they go to the showcase to find out more about the products! This environment stimulates curiosity and it reveals itself to be more and more useful as time passes by

Loyalty cards

The collection of points is actually very useful to make customers come back to my shop, but they have also helped me a lot improving my exposure. They are a strong tool on so many levels – and comfortable too, since the points are also available in the app!

The judgment of dottoressa Mancuso


myPushop is a young service but also the most innovative now available on the field. Its technology is always miles ahead, so much that many do not realise its full potential immediately. I like the speed of the app very much – it makes it delightful to use! I am sure it will prove itself to be the best ally of local retailers

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