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Find out how M3V uses myPushop for his business


Valerio, owner:

I liked the idea of having my own, personal app very much. I chose myPushop because I could have it with a really small investment and it requires very little time to manage it. Without noticing, I became the most popular hairstylist in my city, literally surpassing every competitor of mine!

Valerio, owner

M3V's app


Reservations: haircut, hair set and special services

They’re the very soul of my salon! Thanks to myPushop, I found a great convenience for my customers, which now love to reserve their treatments by app. It also allows me to avoid interruptions, since I no more need to answer the phone. And I also managed to cut downtimes by half!

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Loyalty cards

This is the actual tool that allowed me to keep up my over-900- customers portfolio. I manage my collection of points and the rewards in complete autonomy. It’s very useful to hairstylists like me and finally I can be sure my customers will always come back to me – even if my prices went 20% up since I started using myPushop!

VIP customers groups

That’s the best way to stay in touch with customers and to organise them. I use the VIP groups to send them special offers and to show them the haircuts I make, like I do in my showcase. They feel they are very important to me, like some little TV stars and they’re happy to be cuddled a bit!

The judgment of Valerio


Of course I feel like recommending myPushop! This is what local professionals like me have awaited for ages. It puts small businesses in the limelight and your customers love to follow you, since they are always interested in what their most trusted hairstylist or beautician does. It brought so many results to me – in particular, it has increased my customers’ loyalty, because they took up the habit of reserve their treatments exclusively in my salon

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