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Pizzeria Italia

Find out how Pizzeria Italia uses myPushop for his business


Erika, owner:

Nowadays, every restaurant, pub and pizza parlor has to stay in line with the times – we are all using TripAdvisor, am I wrong? I found myPushop to be the best and fastest system to renovate the way in which I communicate with my customers. Also, it has so much tools thought for food business!

Erika, owner

Pizzeria Italia’s app


Tables reservations

myPushop allowed me to give an innovative style to my pizzeria’s management. Now, all my tables are enlisted in the app and customers can make reservations from home. It made me save so much time since I no more get lost through phone and flying papers to note down every booking!

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Push messages & promotions

We promote every new idea we have: every special evening, every coupon of ours, even new pizza flavours. Notifications deliver the message to all our customers, so we are sure that most of them will be tempted to make a reservation that very moment!

Menu & take-away food

As I was saying before, it is very important to stay in line with the times. Nowadays, customers are used to book their dinner online, so we seized the day: we receive orders in real time and we arrange pizzas to be ready for any time our customers want to take them home

The judgment of Erika


I’m really satisfied of my experience in myPushop. I would surely suggest other restaurants to try it, since I got so many results. In particular, the number of loyal customers has improved a lot and many of them come back once a week. From what it seems, staying always before their eyes is useful!

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