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Find out how Fisiocenter uses myPushop for his business


Danilo Galbiati, owner:

When I first heard about myPushop I had a goal: to keep my business high in terms of customers and possibly to increase them with a modern, innovative system. And this seemed to me like the best solution to achieve that very goal

Danilo Galbiati, owner

Fisiocenter's app



Coupons are very useful to my business, since they encourage my customers to book and purchase more services of mine. Now there also is the possibility to make them available for purchase via e-commerce, so you can be absolutely sure they’ll come to your studio

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Showcase & service display

I often take care of my showcase: it is an important tool that makes the quality of my work speak for me. Moreover, my customers can stay in touch with me, getting my news and finding more about my treatments and everything I do. I just keep them up-to- date: it is like having them in your studio all the time

Push messages

The opportunity to communicate with my customers all the time is a great advantage. I can remind them of their appointments on the very day they are scheduled; this solves the problem of forgetful customers that leave holes in my agenda - which is great, since I no more lose money due to a lapse of memory

The judgment of dottor Galbiati


I like the app very much, it perfectly suits the needs of medicals studios and it has much potential. At the very beginning it seemed quite complicated to me, since I had no experience with digital tools, but I have been helped myPushop’s customer care any time I needed it (one of the reasons why I rated this app 5 stars on the store!)

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