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Frequently asked questions

How does it works?

myPushop is a tool that allow you to create an app for your business.

myPushop is a very effective tool to improve you customer redemption and your relationships with the everyday clients of yours. It is dedicated to small, local businesses, which can create their own virtual shop and put it at their customers’ disposal through a mobile application.

Why is it so effective? Simply because it provides you with a large number of tools designed to answer the specific needs of your business: for example, if you own a restaurant, you can make your tables and menu available for reservations and bookings; if you are a beauty centre manager, your customers will be able to select their favourite treatment and reserve them as well; moreover, if you are a fashion retailer, you will be able to organise a virtual showcase that will put all the products and promotions of yours in evidence.

But it is not over yet: we could go on with many other examples. In order to discover all the tools myPushop is offering you, please visit our functionalities sections.

How can I use myPushop for my business?

To start with the creation of your own app you can make your subscription in this page. You can choose the solution that best fit your needs and launch your myPushop app within few minutes. Then, it is all up to you: make your customers download you app and experiment all the new opportunities you get. If you require assistance in any step of the process, you can contact our Customer Care Service via e-mail on

Why do I have to leave my references?

myPushop is a system that fits every type of business and therefore provides you with many different solutions. Since we want to give each of you exactly what you need, we will contact you to know your needs and then offer you free advice and advice that will help you understand what we can do for your business and the best solution it suits you.

If I leave you my references, will I get hold of calls?

Absolutely not: Your references will not be shared with anyone. We will only use them by myPushop and exclusively to define and organize free counseling. We use the phone simply because it is the quickest and most direct communication we have.

How much?

Like any quality tool, myPushop also has a price.

The share to use myPushop is a small investment we thought to be accessible to all local businesses, including the smallest ones. Our mission is to help neighborhood stores and professionals succeed. We know how companies like you need these tools today and want to make sure everyone can access it, regardless of the availability or size of the store.

Think about it for a moment: how much does it cost you not to have this type of tool available today?

Can I watch a demo or an introduction video?

Of course you can! We are plenty of material you can consult – video tutorials, digital brochures and so on. You can request any of them by sending an e-mail to

I want to give it a try. Is that possible?

Once more, of course you can: we thought you might appreciate a 15 days trial period, during which you can understand how myPushop works and realise if it suits the needs of your business. Within this timespan, if you decide not to continue using our services, we’ll refund you back with the 100% of your investment. The terms of this money back guarantee are really transparent and you can ask us anytime about them, sending an e-mail to

I have a website/application/personal page/organising system yet. What can I do?

You can keep using all the tools you currently own while you integrate the ones you miss thanks to myPushop. For example, you can promote your virtual showcase through your website or Facebook page and make them work simultaneously.

myPushop is designed not to interfere with other business tools and actually to improve their effectiveness, because its main purpose is to increase your customer retention.

What is it different from the other services I know/I have tried?

According to our information, there is currently no tool that can be considered as complete as myPushop, but only services that carry out some, or just one, of its various functionalities (coupon platforms, geolocation services, loyalty cards organising systems and so on).

This means that, up to now, you have only tried incomplete services, whose effectiveness is necessarily limited. For example, if you used to generate coupons on a dedicated website, you did not have the opportunity to turn users into loyal customers: it is due to the fact that the website you were using did not offer you that opportunity. It is a trait that only myPushop actually owns.

What kind of tools are at my disposal?

Every different kind of business (shops, restaurants, beauty salons and so on) has focused tools that have been designed to suit the specific needs of its sector. To us, giving local businesses what they exactly need is very important, so we decided to dedicate an entire part of our website to this subject: you can check it out here.

Do I need technical requirements?

Absolutely no, because of two reasons.

The first one is that myPushop has been provided with a simple, intuitive interface: this way, the management of the various shop areas are suitable for all. You will only need an internet connection and a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and you will be able to get access to all your functions very quickly.

The second one is our Customer Care Service. Will you ever be in need of help, our highly-skilled staff will guide you. You will also receive information and useful advices about the best strategies to grow your business.