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Dentists, ophtalmologists, medics and health professionals

Enlist all your services and specialistic examinations inside you virtual clinic, together with all the useful information you want to make your patients know.

Make control examinations available for reservation, so that your patients can book them quickly and from their home, in total comfort and autonomy. They will also have the opportunity to select the time that best fits them among the ones you made available, so that you can avoid any kind of incompatibility in your daily examinations.

You will no more be forced to stop working to answer your patients’ requests: everything just goes at its place in an automatic, immediate way. If you rely on a secretary’s help, this will allow her to focus on more important tasks.

Send scheduled, quick and intuitive real-time messages. They are completely free and you do not need to know your patients’ mobile phone number. You can use them to send a reminder about the time and the details of your patients’ visits, so you can prevent lapses of memory and, consequently, any kind of empty spots in your daily agenda.

myPushop allows you to prevent all the bothers that come from making your mobile phone number public. Thanks to out messaging system, every communication with your patients will be in real time, but it is up to you to decide when being on call: this means you can do your beloved work at best and you will have more time to dedicate to yourself.

Create all the coupons you need and place them in different price ranges, so that you can please every kind of public and attract more people to your clinic. You can promote coupons in your virtual showcase, through messages sent to your loyal patients and even on social networks.