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Hairstylists and Beauty Salons

Insert every service of yours (for example, haircut & hair set, or a manicure with depilatory wax) inside your virtual shop and make them available for reservation: your customers will be able to select the treatment they want, sitting comfortably on their couch.

They will also be able to choose the time that best fits them, among the ones you have enlisted, and even to choose which employee of yours they would like to be served by. You will no more be forced to stop working and answer to your customers’ phone calls: everything in our system is automatic and immediate.

Create an infinite number of coupons, divided among various price ranges, so that you can please every kind of customers. You can also promote a coupon in your virtual showcase, through a message dispatched to all your followers and on the most important social networks.

Reward your most faithful customers with a simple, yet very effective, loyalty card system. You will be able to give them free treatments or particular products, making them grow really fond of you and of your business.

myPushop also allows you to avoid the inconveniences that unavoidably show up when you make your mobile phone number public. Thanks to our message system, you can communicate real time with your customers, but you will decide when making yourself reachable: this means you will be able to do your work at best and you will have much more time to dedicate to yourself.