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Restaurants and Pizzerias

Create and manage your menu, comprehensive of descriptions, photos and videos for every dish of yours. Then, show it ot your customers so that they can foretaste your delicacies! Also, if your services include take-away food, your customers will be able to choose and reserve anything you decide to make available (pizza, catering food and much more), straight from their home and in total comfort.

Make your customers know when you are organising particular events. By sharing them in your virtual showcase and through messaging, you will be able to make hundreds of people know about special evenings and new dishes and eventually encourage many of them to come to your restaurant.

Make available your restaurants’ tables for booking and your customers will be able to make their reservations from anywhere and at anytime: they will not have to wait for you to be on call while you are at work and you will not risk they change their mind if they cannot find you.

The system is designed to prevent incompatibilities (both in spaces and and booking time), so that you can stay focused on arranging your lunches or your evenings. You will no more be forced to continuous interruptions to answer phone calls in order to note down reservations: everything happens in an automatic, instant way.

Create an unlimited number of coupons and promote many appetizing offers: for example, you can offer a free beer to large groups or leave a present to good customers that reach a certain number of orders. The choice on how to manage your restaurant’s coupons is yours and you will have the opportunity to create and try new ideas. You can promote your coupons in your virtual showcase, through a message sent to all your customers and even on social networks.

Encourage your customers to come back to your place with the loyalty cards system that allows you to create your own offer, choosing how to assign points and prizes. For example, you can choose to reward your customers with a free pizza after their 5th booking: it is all up to your fantasy and potentially limitless.